Kids and spinal injury

Some people might not like this blog, however listen up. It seems are kids start earlier and earlier in sports. As a parent we need to realize that they are kids with developing and growing bodies. They are easy to injure and not ready for some of these activities. their bodies need to develop and strengthen before some sports, for example I think swimming, tennis, running events are good, however high contact sports, football, wrestling, etc. should wait until their bodies are more mature. I see injuries in my office every week from sporting events Just be careful and guide your kids in picking what sport they should pursue.

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I LOVE Regional Chiropractic Center! The people here are so wonderful and welcoming EVERY time I go in. Everyone here has truly gone above and beyond to help me. I am pretty sure it is one of my baby girl's favorite places to go with me considering how they spoil her :) Dr. Ladd is the best, as well as the rest of the staff. Highly recommend! - Haylee

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